Vivienne Lis Braselmann

Graphic- & Interaction design

The blue moving alphabet is an motion graphic approach to typography. How to give characters a feeling, texture and movement. This is a selection of the work.

in 2017/2018 I had the honour to work as an intern at studioVIE in Vienna.  Among other things I was able to work on the website and campaign of the TQW (Tanzquartier Wien).  Typography, movement and composition were the essentials of the redesign of the dance institution in Vienna.

Interplanetary space is the space between planets. It contains dust, gasses, and other materials. This space for me is much more interesting than the planets self. Through it and its movement, colliding and clumping, the planets are formed. The space in between planets is less defined and thus has more freedom. There is more space than there are planets. Just like there are more questions than defined answers. This subject was part of my graduation.